Flash Frozen vs. Freeze Dried: It's Science

True or False: Dippin' Dots is the same thing as astronaut ice cream.

If you said true, you're a space case! Dippin' Dots ice cream is a cool, fun, out-of-this-world treat - but, in fact, it's not astronaut ice cream!

Here's the scoop: Dippin' Dots are flash frozen beads of ice cream that, because frozen stuff can still melt, are stored at extremely cold temperatures.

Astronaut ice cream is freeze dried ice cream (basically, all of the water is removed from the ice cream through a sciency process) that can be kept at room temperature, because dried stuff doesn't tend to melt.

To recap: Dippin Dots = flash frozen. Astronaut ice cream = freeze dried.

There you have it!


Sure, some of you may know that the Dippin' Dots you buy in store are kept in super cold freezers that are -40° Fahrenheit. However, did you know in their super warehouse at Dippin' Dots headquarters, the ice cream is kept at a (very) chilly -56° Fahrenheit? Either way, -40°F or -56°F- they're both waaaay cold!

Bonus fact: did you know that -40° Fahrenheit is the same as -40° Celsius?