The master license distributor will hold exclusive rights to the brand of licenced products and will be able to import, distribute, wholesale and retail Dippin’ Dots products exclusively within their territory assigned.

The candidate for distribution will possess the following:
  • Investment capital of $1.5 million U.S.
  • 5 years plus experience in the food service industry 
  • 40 venues of a compatible brand operating; i.e. candy, coffee, pastry shops that could handle ice cream as a complimentary product 
  • The ability to operate multiple venues meaning compatible products 
  • Have a good knowledge of the import laws and regulations regarding importing food products, specifically ice cream into their country
  • Have a working knowledge of handling sensitive food products such as ice cream
The master license distributor would be setting up the Dippin’ Dots business in their respective country. The business would entail setting up warehousing, distribution, sales of both corporate owned venues and retail sales and distribution.
Should you meet these criteria and be interested in working with Dippin’ Dots, please email us information about how you meet these requirements and your business background.
We will respond as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience in allowing us to review your information. Thank you for your time and understanding.