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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bubandu™?

Bubandu™ is a mobile platform that connects businesses and consumers in a fully interactive and immersive way. Consumers simply open the Bubandu™ Viewer on their smart device and when they see a Dippin' Dots logo or other designated marker, a whole new world of interactive experiences comes alive. 

Is there a cost to download Bubandu™?

No, the Bubandu™ Viewer is available FREE from the iPhone App Store or Google Play.

What devices does the Bubandu™ Viewer work on?

Minimum Supported Devices:
Apple (iOS 6.0 or newer iOS)
  • Phone: iPhone 4 or newer
  • Tablet: iPad mini or iPad2 and newer
  • iPod Touch 5G
Android (Android 4.0 or newer OS)
  • Phone: Dual core, rear camera, 512MB Ram (ex: Samsung Galaxy S4, Motorola Moto G, Sony Experia SP)
  • Tablet: Dual core, rear camera, 512MB Ram (ex: Samsung Note 2, Nokia Lumia)
Preferred Devices:
Apple (iOS 7.1.4 or newer iOS)
  • Phone: iPhone 5/5C/5S
  • Tablet: iPad mini Retina or iPad Air
  • iPod: iPod Touch 5G
Android (Android 4.4 or newer OS)
  • Phone: Quad core CPU, rear camera, 1GB Ram (ex: Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One)
  • Tablet: Quad core CPU, rear camera, 1GB Ram (ex: Nexus 7, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, Samsung Galaxy Tab 4) 

Who do I contact if I am having trouble loading the Bubandu™ Viewer on my device?

Please go to for any technical support.

Why do I need Bubandu™ to earn points?

The Bubandu™ Viewer allows you to use your smart device (phone or tablet) to interact with the Dippin’ Dots brand by scanning “markers”. Some markers can be scanned after making a Dippin’ Dots purchase to earn a point value based on that purchase.

Can I earn points without downloading Bubandu™?

You can earn points for qualifying online purchases at without downloading the Bubandu™ viewer and scanning markers. In order to earn points at participating stores, kiosks, fairs, festivals, events, vending machines and stand-alone freezers you must have the Bubandu™ viewer loaded on your Android™ or iPhone® device and scan the appropriate markers. The Bubandu™ Viewer is what allows us to connect you with your purchases. It’s your digital rewards card – no need to keep up with plastic cards or key tags.

Where/How do I get points?

Points can be earned for qualifying Dippin’ Dots purchases at participating franchise locations including stores, kiosks, fairs, festivals, events, etc. Points can also be earned for qualifying purchases from vending machines, stand-alone freezers and when making online purchases from

How do I get points for purchasing cups of Dippin’ Dots at participating locations?

Use the Bubandu viewer to scan the marker associated with your purchase. (The Dippin' Dots crew can help!)

How do I get points for purchasing Single Serve Packs?

Use the Bubandu viewer to scan the code on the back of the pack.

How do I get points for purchasing Single Serve Spoon-in-Lid Cups?

Use the Bubandu viewer to scan the code on the back of the cup.

How many points do I earn for a purchase?

Kiddie Cup - 1,400 dots
Small Cup - 2,000 dots
Medium Cup or Mini LOL (lots of layers) - 3,200 dots
Large Cup & LOL (lots of layers) - 4,800 dots
Specialty - Sundae, Shake, Quake, Float - 4,000 dots
Single Serving Pack - 2,000 dots
Single Serving Spoon-in-Lid Cup - 2,000 dots
30 Serving Kit (gallon) – 50,000 dots

Why are points listed as “dots”?

There are approximately 400 individual dots per ounce in a serving of Dippin’ Dots. It’s fun to keep up with how many Dippin’ Dots you’ve eaten! Are you Dot Crazy! enough to eat a million?

What do I get for my points?

There are lots of cool things to redeem your points for….free cups of ice cream, discounts for Dippin’ Dots deliveries to your doorstep, iTunes and Google Play gift cards…..or get exclusive Dippin’ Dots branded gear like phone & tablet covers, bags & backpacks….lots of items you can choose from and even personalize with your name.


Check it all out at by clicking on Redeem Points.

Do my points expire?

No, your Dippin’ Dots points (“dots”) do not expire however coupons and certificates received as a prize from points redeemed will have expiration dates. Please see our complete Terms and Conditions for additional information.

What do you do with my info?

Please read the Privacy Policy carefully to understand how Dippin’ Dots collects, uses and discloses information about customers.

Can I sign up for email without signing up for rewards?

Yes, simply complete the sign up form with your communication preferences indicated. Please note, online orders at automatically earn points; however redemption of points for rewards is not automatic.

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