Dippin' into Madness Flavor Match Ups - Recap

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Friday, April 3: Cookies 'n Cream vs. Cotton Candy

It all came down to this. Two classic Dippin' Dots flavors that continue to be fan favorites, year after year. So which flavor came away as the Dots Champion?

Drumroll.....Cookies 'n Cream!

The blue and pink ice cream confection fell just short in the fan votes, and Cookies 'n Cream claims sweet, sweet victory.

Final Score: Cookies 'n Cream - 217 votes, Cotton Candy - 168 votes


Thursday, April 2: Cookies 'n Cream vs. Mint Chocolate

Sadly, it's the end of the road for Mint Chocolate. The love of the chocolate and mint combination simply wasn't enough, and they fall to the championship contender, Cookies 'n Cream.

Final Score: Cookies 'n Cream - 210 votes, Mint Chocolate - 118 votes


Wednesday, April 1: Rainbow Ice vs. Cotton Candy

Wow! What a match up! In stunning upset, Cotton Candy defeats Rainbow Ice in a very close competition - no fooling! Cotton Candy moves on to the final game.

Final Score: Cotton Candy - 129 votes, Rainbow Ice - 117 votes


Tuesday, March 31: Mint Chocolate vs. Moose Tracks

It was another very close match up! In the end, though, the mint and chocolate combination won out over the vanilla, chocolate, and peanut butter mix. Mint Chocolate will face a tough match up next round: Cookies 'n Cream!

Final Score: Mint Chocolate - 144 votes, Moose Tracks - 139 votes


Monday, March 30: Rainbow Ice vs. Frozeti Confetti

Well, the party is over for Frozeti Confetti. The fun flavor with popping candy couldn't pop up enough votes to beat out Rainbow Ice. Don't be blue, Frozeti Confetti fans - it was a good run. Rainbow Ice moves on to face Cotton Candy in the next round.

Final Score: Rainbow Ice - 192 votes, Frozeti Confetti - 98 votes


Friday, March 27: Cookies 'n Cream vs. Spookies 'n Cream

In the second round of the Cookie Clash, Cookies 'n Cream ran away from the competition, defeating seasonal favorite Spookies 'n Cream by over 150 votes. Sorry, Spookies fans - but sometimes, that's just the way the cookie crumbles.

Final Score: Cookies 'n Cream - 262 votes, Spookies 'n Cream - 94 votes


Thursday, March 26: Cotton Candy vs. Brownie Batter

It was a close one, but Brownie Batter simply couldn't bake up enough support this time around. Cotton Candy wins round 2 of the Fan Flavorites, and spins on to the next round!

Final Score: Cotton Candy - 152 votes, Brownie Batter - 143 votes


Wednesday, March 25: Moose Tracks vs. Candy Bar Crunch

When it came down to voting crunch time, Moose Tracks galloped away from the competition. The Vanilla Dippin' Dots and Peanut Butter Cup combo flavor claimed victory and will face Mint Chocolate in the next round.

Final Score: Moose Tracks - 159 votes, Candy Bar Crunch - 104 votes


Tuesday, March 24: Rainbow Ice vs. Strawberry Ice

The second match up in the battle of the ices was anything but cool. Fans took to social media to make their votes be known, and we heard you loud and clear. Ultimately, Rainbow Ice won, berry soundly defeating Strawberry Ice. Rainbow moves on to face Frozeti Confetti in the next round.

Final Score: Rainbow Ice - 262 votes, Strawberry Ice - 84 votes


Monday, March 23: Cool Mint Crunch vs. Spookies 'n Cream

Ahh, it just wasn't mint to be for all of the Cool Mint Crunch fans out there hoping for the win. Spookies n' Cream claims victory this round with a spooktacular win, and will face Cookies n' Cream in the next round.

Final Score: Spookies 'n Cream - 264 votes, Cool Mint Crunch - 227 votes


Friday, March 20: Birthday Cake vs. Cotton Candy

The fans were pretty evenly divided on this match up, but Birthday Cake just didn't have enough votes to take the cake this time. Cotton Candy claims sweet, sweet victory, and moves on to face Brownie Batter.

Final Score: Cotton Candy - 149 votes, Birthday Cake - 134 votes


Thursday, March 19: Mint Chocolate vs. Peanut Butter Chip

Aww, nuts. Victory just wasn't mint to be for Peanut Butter Chip, and the winner of our first Hall of Fame match is Mint Chocolate. Fans of Mint Chocolate made it clear that they love their flavor a whole choco-LOT.

Final Score: Mint Chocolate - 217 votes, Peanut Butter Chip - 105 votes

Wednesday, March 18: Frozeti Confetti vs. Liberty Ice

While the love for Liberty Ice was strong, it just wasn't enough to beat Frozeti Confetti in our first Ice Ice Baby match up, and the colorful blue raspberry and lemon ice pops on to the second round.

Final Score: Frozeti Confetti - 170 votes, Liberty Ice - 108 votes

Tuesday, March 17: Cookies 'n Cream vs. Cookie Dough

The first cookie clash has concluded, and Cookies 'n Cream has claimed victory! Doughn’t be too sad, though - there’s plenty of more fun match ups to come!

Final Score: Cookies 'n Cream - 224 votes, Cookie Dough - 149 votes


Monday, March 16: Brownie Batter vs. Banana Split

The first match up was BANANAS! But, after totaling all of the votes across Twitter and Instagram, Brownie Batter comes out on top, defeating Banana Split by one vote!

Final Score: Brownie Batter - 205 votes, Banana Split - 204 votes

Dippin' into Madness

Crazy for Cotton Candy? Psyched for Spookies n' Cream? Ready for Rainbow Ice? Vote for your favorite to win Dippin' into Madness! It'll be the sweetest competition you'll have all March!

Beginning March 16, we'll pit two flavors against each other every day. The flavor that has the most votes at the end of the day will advance. Pretty simple, right? You can vote on Twitter and Instagram Stories every day. At the end, only one flavorite will remain! What will it be?

 The initial matchups are set, and the madness begins March 16!

Read more about the first round flavor fights below.

Fan Flavorites Region

Brownie Batter vs. Banana Split, March 16: These two favorites kick off this year's Dippin' into Madness. Relative newcomer Brownie Batter has been a huge hit with the fans, but Banana Split remains a very a-peeling pick for long-time Dippin' Dots lovers.

Cotton Candy vs. Birthday Cake, March 20: Two classic Dippin' Dots flavors are squarely matched to face off in a battle of the sweet tooth.

Cookie Clash Region

Cookies 'n Cream vs. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, March 17: Really, this matchup will come down to one single question: do you like your cookies baked, or raw?

Cool Mint Crunch vs. Spookies 'n Cream, March 23: Cool Mint Crunch has been hot-steppin' its way into fan's hearts since it debuted in early 2019. Will its early success be enough to hold off the eerie-sistable fall classic, Spookies 'n Cream?

Hall of Fame Region

Mint Chocolate vs. Peanut Butter Chip, March 19: Two flavors with fiercely loyal fans will come head to head in this match up. Nuts over Peanut Butter? Mad for Mint? We'll let the fans decide!

Moose Tracks vs. Candy Bar Crunch, March 25: On paper, these two flavors have many things in common: they both have Vanilla Dippin' Dots and chocolate pieces, and they're both hall of fame flavors that are incredibly tasty. The only thing that will set the winning flavor apart will be the votes from fans!

Ice Ice Baby Region

Frozeti Confetti vs. Liberty Ice, March 18: We're not sure you're YETI for this match up! Frozeti Confetti is looking to ice the competition with Liberty Ice, known for having the most loyal fans around.

Rainbow Ice vs. Strawberry Ice, March 24 Rainbow Ice, a perennial powerhouse flavor, looks to smash Strawberry Ice in what should be a berry fun matchup.