Komen Campaign

For our Dippin’ & Poppin’ for pink co-brand promotion, Dippin’ Dots and Doc Popcorn will collect donations for Susan G. Komen to help in the fight against breast cancer.

Joining Susan G. Komen in its fight against breast cancer is something I am personally passionate about. My mother was first diagnosed with breast cancer when I was 16. I was shocked - receiving this type of information is a very surreal process. It was difficult to digest the circumstances and emotions that come along with this diagnosis, but having a community of friends and family providing support was comforting. I stayed by my mom’s side the entire time throughout her battle with breast cancer, and she successfully beat the disease in 1999.

Right after my mother celebrated her 10 year anniversary of being cancer free, her cancer returned. Though it was deflating and disappointing to learn that it had returned after 10 years, the second time around we were all more educated, comfortable and prepared for the issue and the process to fight it.

Komen provides this type of community, education and support for people and families who are battling, or have been impacted, by breast cancer, and helps mitigate the concern and uncertainty with education, while providing comfort through a caring community.

This is why I personally support Komen, and is why I have a passion for its cause to help and support people impacted by this disease. Breast cancer is a disease that affects men, women, and families. There will be nearly 250,000 new cases of breast cancer among women, and 2,400 new cases among men in the U.S. this year alone.

Breast cancer is unacceptable, and thanks to organizations like Susan G. Komen, we’ve made enormous strides in fighting the disease. With improvements in breast cancer treatment and early detection methods, breast cancer mortality has decreased by 38 percent from 1989 through 2014. Today, there are more than 6 million breast cancer survivors around the world- my mother among them.

By teaming up with Susan G. Komen, we can join the fight against breast cancer. We’ve committed to donating $25,000 – so help us meet that goal and together with Komen, we can end breast cancer.

                                                                                  - Scott Fischer, CEO

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Scott's Story

Dippin' Dots CEO Scott Fischer explains why he is passionate about breast cancer awareness and supporting Susan G. Komen.