Take me out to the ball game...

The MVP of Ball Park Snacks

Buy me some peanuts and....Dippin' Dots?! It's true! Did you know that you can find Dippin' Dots in 63% (well over half!) of all Major League Baseball stadiums across the U.S.?

So whether you're rooting on the Reds in Cincinnati or cheering on the Cardinals in St. Louis, you can grab your favorite frozen beaded treat that's perfect for watching America's favorite past time. 

BONUS FACT: You can also find Dippin' Dots in TONS of Minor League Stadiums as well, so you can support your local farm team and enjoy Dippin' Dots at the same time! It's a double play of fun!

Find Dippin' Dots Near You
The Sweetest Headquarters Around!

Where is Dippin' Dots HQ located? No Googling allowed, but here's a hint: we're right in the path of this year's Great American Eclipse!

Does that shed any light on to an answer? 

Dippin' Dots HQ is located in the busy little city of Paducah, Kentucky. (NOW you can Google it!)  At HQ you will find all of the Dippin' Dots Administrative, Sales, and Franchising offices - and, of course, the production facility, where all of the Dippin' Dots are made! Yeah, it's a pretty sweet place to work...

Bonus Fact: Paducah is in the path of this year's Great American Eclipse on August 21, 2017, and will experience about 2 minutes and 21 seconds of total darkness! (Going to be in Paducah? Check out Night at Noon!) Now only if we had glow in the dark Dippin' Dots...

Five Flavors of Fun!🌈

Rainbow Ice is bright, fun, and full of flavor! Or should we say, flavors? That's right! Rainbow Ice is a deliciously fun combination of five flavors- they are: Strawberry, Lemon, Blue Raspberry, Lime, and Orange.

Sure, they're all super yummy flavors on their own, but when they come together in Rainbow Ice...it's a magical treat for your taste buds!

Bonus fact: Rainbow Ice is the #2 most popular Dippin' Dots flavor!

​(Orange you glad we share all these cool facts with you?🍊)



Check Out Rainbow Ice!
Big Fun with Big Numbers!

Do you know how many Dippin' Dots are consumed annually? Think big. Then, think bigger. Then, multiply that by massive.

The answer? 90 Billion Dippin' Dots! Yes, that's billions, with a B!

That's enough to give everyone in Wyoming 153,714 Dippin' Dots! Or better yet, it's enough to give everyone in Iceland 267,954 Dippin' Dots! 😍

Around the World in 30 Flavors

People from all over the world love Dippin' Dots - it's true! You can find Dippin' Dots in nine countries across the globe, including:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Chile
  • Japan
  • Philippines
  • Russia
  • South Korea
  • Taiwan
  • United States

So whether you are visiting kangaroos Down Under, watching a hockey game in Canada, or watching cherry blossoms bloom in Japan, you can find delicious Dippin' Dot goodness to satisfy your cravings!

Flash Frozen vs. Freeze Dried: It's Science

True or False: Dippin' Dots is the same thing as astronaut ice cream.

If you said true, you're a space case! Dippin' Dots ice cream is a cool, fun, out-of-this-world treat - but, in fact, it's not astronaut ice cream!

Here's the scoop: Dippin' Dots are flash frozen beads of ice cream that, because frozen stuff can still melt, are stored at extremely cold temperatures.

Astronaut ice cream is freeze dried ice cream (basically, all of the water is removed from the ice cream through a sciency process) that can be kept at room temperature, because dried stuff doesn't tend to melt.

To recap: Dippin Dots = flash frozen. Astronaut ice cream = freeze dried.

There you have it!


Sure, some of you may know that the Dippin' Dots you buy in store are kept in super cold freezers that are -40° Fahrenheit. However, did you know in their super warehouse at Dippin' Dots headquarters, the ice cream is kept at a (very) chilly -56° Fahrenheit? Either way, -40°F or -56°F- they're both waaaay cold!

Bonus fact: did you know that -40° Fahrenheit is the same as -40° Celsius?