My Teacher Rules Contest

The results are in!

Congratulations to all our winners!

Daniel Hagan-Campbell & Denise Haglund

Sheila Murrell & Julia Kurtz

Daisy Soto & Lisa Simpson

Michael Palmer & John Kemp

Melissa White & Ashley Jansen

Judi Tekautz & Chris Drinkall

Meleah Tate & Elizabeth Bliss

Bonnie Childs & Marcus Wolfe

Check out these amazing nominations below.
Thanks to everyone who made this promotion a success,
and an extra special thank you to teachers everywhere!

Winning Teacher: Denise Haglund
Valley View High School
Blue Springs, Missouri
My teacher buys food for students who can't afford lunch or daily meals, she buys and pays for the food with her own money and doesn't receive extra payment from the school for doing so. She also has been known to use personal resources to help students in need if they were to get kicked out of their house, or have home issues. She also created a class to help expecting teen mothers learn about parenting and how to still graduate with a baby on the way or a young child.
Nominated by Daniel Hagan-Campbell
Winning Teacher: Julia Kurtz
Columbia Intermediate School
King Mills, Ohio
She has made the kids believe that anything is possible . When a child that had a chronic illness had to receive treatments, she made Wonder Woman Wednesday's on the day to help this girl. she even wore a wonderwoman outfit herself complete with blue starred tutu She got them to learn to love reading by choosing books and opening their eyes to the amazing places reading can take you. She truly is my hero.
Nominated by Sheila Murrell
Winning Teacher: Lisa Simpson
Owens Elementary
Athens, Alabama
She is the best teacher because when I was younger my family was going thru abuse and she was very understanding, patient and caring she would talk to me when I was down and she would tell me that evertging was okay and that I dont have to worry. Many times when I didnt have clothes she would buy me clothes and she would also bring me toys.I never complained if they were used because atleast I had a toy. she was very loving even though she was a young lady. I am very grateful for her so much.
Nominated by Daisy Soto
Winning Teacher: John Kemp
A Perfect Place 4 Kidz
Miami Gardens, Florida
You taught me to love learning. You never gave up on me, or my classmates, regardless of how frustrating we could be. You always took a deep breath and pushed forward because you knew that one day the work you did would make a difference. You made me believe in myself, when I felt that I was at my lowest. You gave me confidence by acknowledging my intelligence, creativity, ability, and personality, you showed me that I was really worth something even when I felt absolutely worthless.
Nominated by Michael Palmer
Winning Teacher: Ashley Jansen
Huntley Elementary School
Appleton, Wisconsin
The teacher I have nominated is my son's autism teacher. I have never met a more beautiful, selfless, patient and loving teacher in my life. She will do anything for each of those children. Most of them are non-verbal. My son included. But thanks to her my son can now say a few words finally at 9 years old. He can show pictures for what he wants. He knows some sign language and how to spell his name. None of this would have ever been possible without this beautiful woman!
Nominated by Melissa White
Winning Teacher: Chris Drinkall
Rushford-Peterson Elementary
Rushford, Minnesota
My son was always told he had a reading disability and that he wasn't as smart as the other kids. He hated going to school because of his "special" reading classes. He told me the teachers hated him. But when he started the 4th grade, and stopped going to those classes, his scores went up. His teacher Mr. Drinkall turned his school experience around. That teacher put ambition into him and supported him. All it took was one outstanding teacher to change a child's views on academics.
Nominated by Judi Tekautz
Winning Teacher: Elizabeth Bliss
Bell's Crossing Elementary
Simpsonville, South Carolina
Mrs. Bliss is full of energy and her energy is contagious! Her love for teaching gives her students a great love of learning. Our daughter has a speech delay thus she has a difficult time reading, but Mrs. Bliss has a zero tolerance for bullying. She encourages other classmates to come alongside our daughter and support her reading efforts. She has even read books about children with speech difficulties in order to help them all understand that everyone is different. We love her!
Nominated by Meleah Tate
Winning Teacher: Marcus Wolfe
Northwest Pettis R-V Schools
Hughesville, Missouri
As a person with autism, Coach Wolfe has always taken his time to help me build confidence on and off the track. He's built football programs from the ground up and has always had a fun learning environment in his history and PE classes. We love his History's Mysteries! He always tells us that his 4 yr old loves Dippin Dots, so I thought it would be cool if he could win this.
Nominated by Bonnie Childs


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