Dippin' Dots Honors U.S. Military at Six Flags America

Posted July 25, 2017

Dippin' Dots Honors U.S. Military at Six Flags America








A Salute to Service

(PADUCAH, Ky./UPPER MARLBORO, Md.) – July 25, 2017 – Dippin’ Dots, LLC, the leading maker of flash-frozen beaded ice cream and frozen treats, this weekend showed its support for the U.S. military by donating cups of its famous beaded ice cream to military personnel and their family members as part of an appreciation day held Saturday, July 22, at the Six Flags America theme park near Washington, D.C./Baltimore.

As part of the event at which approximately 500 cups were donated, Lt. Col. David Dulaney, U.S. Army, and his wife, Mindy, conducted a Facebook Live session with Dippin’ Dots CEO Scott Fischer, in which they discussed the realities of military life and the support that makes their sacrifices possible. 

“A common saying in the military is that the strength of our nation is the army; the strength of the army is our soldiers; and the strength of our soldiers is the family,” Dulaney stated.  “My experience as a career military officer echoes this refrain. My fellow soldiers and I would not be able to do our jobs successfully without our families and the military community as a whole behind us.”

“Dippin’ Dots stands for fun and family, and nothing goes with fun and family like freedom,” commented Fischer. “As Americans, we enjoy freedom because of the sacrifices and effort of our armed forces.  As a company, we wanted to do something special to honor the members of our military and their families who dedicate their lives to ensuring our safety and security.” 

Active duty military personnel visiting Six Flags America Saturday received vouchers for themselves and their guests to each receive a free 5 oz. cup of Dippin’ Dots redeemable at any of the Dippin’ Dots kiosks located throughout the park.

Mrs. Dulaney added, “The military life can be nomadic and stressful.  As a military spouse, you have to be resilient to handle overseas deployments, long separations and frequent moves. Military families form a unique bond and share a tightknit community that pulls together in times of need to support their own.  Thanks to Dippin’ Dots for recognizing and celebrating both our soldiers and their support network with this event.”

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