Celebrate Chocolate and Mint Day with Dippin' Dots!

Posted February 15, 2017

Celebrate Chocolate and Mint Day with Dippin' Dots!

Chocolate and Mint - Better Together!

Chocolate and mint are two things that have a long history by themselves but are so much better when put together!

For Chocolate Mint Day, think about all the delicious combinations of mint chocolate that make your mouth water: mint chocolate chip ice cream, mint chocolate chip cookies, mint oreos…mint chocolate anything is an instant treat that deserves its own special holiday!

However, before chocolate and mint were known as a delicious flavor duo, in ancient times they were used as medicine! In fact, medicinal uses of mint and cacao (the plant that is used to make chocolate) go back many, many years across lots of different cultures. While today’s fans of chocolate and mint are purely in it for the desserts, here are some ways chocolate and mint were used in the past.

Ancient Uses of Cacao:

  • Treating snakebites
  • Preventing fainting
  • Restoring energy
  • Improving breathing
  • Improving heart health

Ancient Uses of Mint:

  • Treating stomach aches
  • Relieving chest paints
  • Eliminating bad breath
  • Soothing minor burns
  • Relieving headaches

Even though times have changed a lot since chocolate and mint were used as medicines, fans of sweets know that chocolate mint (or is it mint chocolate?) is always a great remedy for boring food.

Celebrate Chocolate Mint Day by ordering a delicious batch of Mint Chocolate Dippin’ Dots or Mint Cookie Crunch for your family and friends. Our home delivery is super-fast and will be a cool way to celebrate the holiday!

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