3 Easy Ways to Plan a Fun Birthday Party for Your Kids

Posted March 13, 2018

3 Easy Ways to Plan a Fun Birthday Party for Your Kids

When it comes to birthdays, kids love ‘em. The countdown before their special day, the hopes and wishes of presents, the time shared with friends and family—birthdays are best enjoyed by when kids are eager and excited to share their day with others.

Birthday parties, however, can be a whole different issue. When it comes to parents, knowing how to plan a birthday party for kids can be a challenge, especially when dealing with young ones. Luckily, we’ve got 3 easy tips to help make a birthday party for kids enjoyable for kids and the parents that organize them!

Decide on a theme/location. This is the most important step since it helps set things like timing and budget. Talk with your child about what they want in a birthday party and see if their hopes match up with what’s reasonable for you. If a compromise needs to happen (invite the entire class or just a few friends?) it needs to happen early so expectations on kids and parents are the same. Once a theme/location is decided, guest lists can be made and bookings (if needed) can be arranged. It’s best to start planning for a birthday party for kids at least six weeks before the big day.

Plan your activities. If you’ve booked a party at a venue that specializes in kids’ activities, then not much planning is needed on your part. If, however, you’re having a birthday party for kids at your home, then be sure to plan at least one hour of games and crafts. Try for three activities: one to get situate kids, heighten the mood, a physical activity (scavenger hunt, musical chairs, or even just playing outside) and a quiet activity/craft to wind them down as the party ends.

Get the treats. Even if you don’t plan on serving kids a full meal at your party (party times between 2PM-5PM are good since they’re not at traditional meal times), having some awesome birthday treats is the only way to celebrate party in style. Before you decide on the treats, make sure you know if any guests have any food allergies (best to ask in the invites) and plan for something yummy. To make the party even more memorable, order some Dippin’ Dots as your birthday treats. Kids will be surprised to have such an awesome treat, and Dippin’ Dots has dairy-free options as well! Buying a Dippin’ Dots bulk bag makes it even easier since cups and spoons are already included!

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