Fun Ice Cream Facts!

Posted July 9, 2018

Fun Ice Cream Facts!

Feed Your Brain with Ice Cream Facts!

We all know that Dippin’ Dots is the coolest ice cream ever. It’s delicious and super-unique because of all the wonderful science that transforms regular ice cream into the beaded ice cream treats that we know and love. But what do you know about the actual science of ice cream? Here are some quick fun facts to feed your brain!

Ice Cream Evolution

The origins of ice cream go as far back as 200 B.C. when ancient rulers would enjoy treats flavored with ice and snow from the mountains! Before the 1800s (when more modern freezing/refrigeration processes were invented), ice cream was a rare treat only for the rich and powerful.

Components of Ice Cream

Even though there are tons of ice cream flavors out there, the basic ingredients of ice cream are ice crystals, fat (milk), sweeteners, air and non-fat milk solids. How these basic ingredients are managed can dramatically change the taste and texture of ice cream.

Ice Crystals Count

The size of the ice crystals in ice cream affect its texture. Smaller ice crystals make ice cream feel smother and creamier. Freezing ice cream quickly helps make the best ice cream texture.

3 States of Being

Ice cream can be a solid, liquid and a gas—usually at the same time!

Why We Get Brain Freeze

Brain freeze (or its scientific name, sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia) happens when something really cold touches the roof of your mouth. Basically, your body is trying to heat your brain because of the cold it’s feeling. For a quick remedy, use your tongue to warm the roof of your mouth.

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