Celebrate International Dot Day!

Posted September 13, 2018

Celebrate International Dot Day!

It’s International Dot Day: Yes, You Should Celebrate with Dippin’ Dots!

What is International Dot Day?

International Dot Day is a day dedicated to the Peter H. Reynolds book, The Dot. In this story, a young girl discovers her creative side with a little help from a caring teacher. International Dot Day is celebrated around September 15, and classrooms all over the world engage in activities celebrating creativity, courage and collaboration.

Looking for International Dot Day activities for students?  Dippin’ Dots can help with that!

International Dot Day Activities with Dippin’ Dots

  •        Check us out on Pinterest and find lots of cool pics for inspiration. From food, science, fashion and more, have students look at the various pictures and come up with their own creations! 
  •        Focus on food and have students come up with their own yummy dessert creations. Look at our delicious recipes for more ideas.
  •        Can your students think of ways they eat dots? Can they come up with meals that feature dots for every meal of the day? Come up with a dot-inspired menu! Dippin’ Dots for breakfast? Yes, please!
  •        Create some music inspired by dots! Make music, write songs or just make a playlist of all the songs that get your creativity going. Listen to this Dippin’ Dots inspired song to help!
  •        Celebrate International Dot Day with a Dippin’ Dots ice cream social. What better way to end a day of fun and creativity!

However you choose to celebrate International Dot Day, add in some extra fun with Dippin’ Dots! Order online and get access to all the flavors you know and love! Our yummy treats ship super-fast!

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