Dippin' Dots on Modern Marvels

Posted April 8, 2021

Dippin' Dots on Modern Marvels

Tune-in to See Dippin' Dots Featured in Iconic HISTORY Channel Television Series “Modern Marvels” on Sunday, April 11 at 10pm ET/PT

In “Modern Marvels,” Adam Richman travels the country to behemoth factory lines and locally owned shops going behind-the-scenes of iconic brands and giving an inside look into how some of America’s favorite foods such as cookies, cheese, chocolate and ice cream are made. Exploring the behind-the-scenes processes of popular foods, and the inspiration behind each product, the TV series presents the how, why, and where of numerous products, supplemented by archival footage, engaging expert interviews, and on-site visits. From factory lines using expertly choreographed machines that create thousands of products a minute, to smaller, locally owned shops that rely on hands-on hard work and entrepreneurial know-how to make their merchandise, American ingenuity comes in all sizes.

Tune-in to see Dippin' Dots featured on the Sunday, April 11 at 10pm ET/PT episode of The HISTORY Channel’s “Modern Marvels” television series.

Episodes can be viewed after they air on The HISTORY Channel website here: www.history.com/shows/modern-marvels

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