Company History

The Dippin’ Dots story began more than a quarter of a century ago and continues to embody fun and excitement for fans across the globe.

For more than 30 years Dippin' Dots has been creating fun and making memories for fans across the globe.

Microbiologist Curt Jones invented the beaded ice cream concept in 1988 when he used his knowledge of cryogenic technology and his love for ice cream to create Dippin’ Dots, which has since been America’s number one beaded ice cream brand. Through innovation and imagination, Dippin’ Dots redefined ice cream. From the first bite of unexpected flavor, Dippin’ Dots creates an experience that is remarkably fun and unforgettable.

Popularity grew and in the early 90's Dippin' Dots became the pre-teen image of fun with friends at malls and amusement parks across the country. And in 1995 Dippin' Dots made its international debut in Japan, where fans of American culture would fall in love with the Ice Cream of the Future.

An icon at amusement parks and stadiums, Dippin’ Dots is served in nearly every major theme park and in more than two thirds of all baseball stadiums in the U.S., not to mention local water parks, amusement parks and attractions. And Dippin’ Dots isn’t just a treat, it’s an experience. When planning their visit, park guests won’t skip out on their favorite ride, and a cup (or two…or three) of their favorite flavor of Dippin’ Dots.

Dippin’ Dots Franchising, operating an award-winning franchise system since 2000, now has more than 100 store and shopping center locations coast-to-coast. Today the franchise model includes co-brand opportunities with sister company Doc Popcorn, the nation’s largest popcorn franchise, which was acquired by Dippin’ Dots in 2014. Many franchisees take their business mobile, serving Dippin’ Dots at thousands of fairs and festivals, from food trucks and mobile carts, and in schools and convenience stores.

Availability of Dippin' Dots products expands year after year, with 22,000 points of presence across the U.S. Through a variety of outlets including e-commerce, drug and convenience stores, fairs, festivals and events, Dippin’ Dots fans can often find their favorite sweet treat just around the corner.

Today, Dippin' Dots is part of J&J Snack Foods Corp., (NASDAQ: JJSF) a leader and innovator in beverages and snack foods, after the company purchased the Dippin’ Dots and Doc Popcorn brands in 2022. With over 30 years in business, new generations of Dippin' Dots fans emerge, influenced by their young adult parents who grew up eating Dippin' Dots. Now catering to a generation who does not know a world without Dippin' Dots, the company maintains its vision — Create fun, make memories.

History Timeline


Dippin' Dots joins J&J Snack Foods Corp., (NASDAQ: JJSF), a leader and innovator in frozen beverages and snack foods.


"I Want My Dippin' Dots", feat. Mariangeli Collado, Jenna Raine, Kenzie Mack & Tati McQuay, is released!


Say hello to Frozeti! Frozeti the Yeti, the Dippin' Dots mascot, is introduced in early 2016. A contest was held for fans to "Name the Yeti!", and Frozeti was chosen from over 32,000 names.


The first ever co-branded "Dippin' Dots and Doc Popcorn" location opens with several more following in 2015. The co-branded locations offer two snack favorites - ice cream and popcorn - in one location. Something for everyone!


Guinness World Records® awards Dippin' Dots: The most ice cream cups prepared in three minutes (team) was 473 achieved by Dippin' Dots (USA) in Downtown Nashville, Nashville, Tennessee, USA, on 4 July, 2014.


Dippin' Dots begins distribution to pharmacies and convenience stores, allowing Dippin' Dots fans greater access to their favorite treat!


Dippin' Dots is acquired by private equity group, Fischer Enterprises.


Dippin' Dots has 3 million Facebook Fans!


Six Flags Theme Parks selects Dippin' Dots as "Vendor of the Year" for the third consecutive year.


Dippin' Dots Franchising ranks No. 1 on Franchise Times Magazine's Fast 55 list of the fastest growing young franchises in the nation.


Dippin' Dots is featured on the Oprah Winfrey television program.


Dippin' Dots Home Delivery, now available through online ordering at

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Manufacturing plant opens in South Korea, operated by a licensee, to serve markets in Asia.


Dippin' Dots Franchising is established.


Vending program launched.


New production facility opens in Paducah, KY.


Dippin' Dots begins trade with Japan, its first international licensee.


Dealer network is established for fair, festival and retail locations.


Opryland U.S.A. in Nashville, TN is the first amusement park to offer Dippin' Dots.


In 1988, microbiologist Curt Jones used his knowledge of cryogenic technology to invent Dippin’ Dots – an unconventional ice cream treat that’s remarkably fresh and flavorful, introducing the world to beaded ice cream.