"I Want My Dippin' Dots" Song!

"I Want My Dippin' Dots" Music Video!

The official music video for "I Want My Dippin' Dots", featuring Mariangeli Collado, Jenna Raine, Kenzie Mack & Tati McQuay, is here! It's the perfect summer song that you'll want to listen to over and over again!

“I Want My Dippin’ Dots” is available on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play and wherever music is streamed and downloaded - use the links below to listen to or download the song!

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"I Want My Dippin' Dots" Dance Video!

Guy Groove and Tati McQuay show their sweet moves with this awesome dance choreography that was created just for the song "I Want My Dippin' Dots!" 

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Learn the Dance, Part 1!

You've heard the song and seen the dance video - now learn it for yourself! We've broken down the "I Want My Dippin' Dots" dance into four tutorial videos, so you can learn all of the steps to the dance yourself. So what are you waiting for? Get started by watching Part 1!

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Learn the Dance, Part 2!

So you've mastered part 1 of the "I Want My Dippin' Dots" dance - awesome! Watch part 2 to continue learning the rest of the dance!

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Learn the Dance, Part 3!

You're halfway there! By now you've got parts 1 and 2 mastered, so keep learning the dance by watching part 3 of the  "I Want My Dippin' Dots" dance breakdown!

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Learn the Dance, Part 4!

Okay - you're nearly a dance pro now! Check out part 4 of our "I Want My Dippin' Dots" dance breakdown to learn the last part of the dance. You're so close - we can't wait to see your moves!

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"I Want My Dippin' Dots" Dance Challenge

This contest has ended. Check back soon to see the lucky winners!

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