U.S. Distribution

Do you remember the first time you had Dippin' Dots?

Most do and can give you time, place, and activity. There aren’t many products out there that can have such an impact on one’s memories and emotions. We believe ours does, and we can help make your locations a destination. The biggest question from our customers has been “where else can I find your product?”

With this high brand recognition and awareness, we have rolled out our distribution model and can help point these fans to you! Our impulse freezer takes up a minimum footprint and offers high profit for the space. With consumer demand for Dippin’ Dots increasing in the retail setting, adding Dippin’ Dots is a sure fire way to point these fans to you to boost your novelty program and increase incremental sales!

Why Dippin' Dots?

  • Great impulse item for incremental sales
  • #1 beaded ice cream brand
  • Top-selling flavors
  • Colorful 28" x 26" x 36" display freezer
  • Drive foot traffic and help your location stand-out
  • Not saturated in mass C-store outlets
  • Small footprint / High capacity storage / High gross margins

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