Dippin' Churros

Dippin' Churros

They're so nice, we dipped them twice! ¡Hola! Churros are dipped in sweet caramel sauce, then dipped in deliciously creamy Dippin' Dots for a bite-sized treat that will blow your mind- and  taste buds- away! You can also switch up your sauce (you can't go wrong with more chocolate) and add your favorite flavor of Dippin' Dots for more fun combinations!


1 cup Vanilla Dippin' Dots
1/2 cup Caramel Sauce
1 box Chocolate filled ¡Hola! Churros bites


  1. Prepare chocolate filled ¡Hola! Churros bites according to box instructions.
  2. Place Vanilla Dippin' Dots in a small bowl or cup.
  3. Place caramel sauce in a small bowl or cup.
  4. Then, dip a chocolate filled ¡Hola! Churro bite in caramel sauce.
  5. Quickly dip the caramel dipped ¡Hola! Churro bite into the Vanilla Dippin' Dots.
  6. Enjoy!

Flavors Used In This Recipe

Vanilla Dippin' Dots

Vanilla Dippin' Dots